Orlando’s Personal Fitness


17200 Chenal Parkway Suite 140
Little Rock, AR 72223



At Orlando’s Personal Fitness we believe in fitness with a personal touch!


We only offer 200 private memberships; this enables our staff to efficiently help you reach your goals and meet your personal needs. Once you are a private member you will have access to the gym with the use of a scan card. 


The gym is open to private members

Monday – Friday from 4 am until 10:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 6 am until 8 pm


Our gym is unique because we provide fitness to anyone who desires it, no matter their background and without bias. We work with athletes and non-athletes, young and old. 


Our goal is to make sure you reach your personal fitness goals and feel comfortable in our gym while you are on your journey to being fit and healthy. We don't believe in intimidation or shortcuts to better health and wellness.


We are here for the long haul to nurture your total fitness and nutrition transformation. We are excited to work with you to achieve the lifestyle and body you have always desired!